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"Then Adam hired you," smiled Charlie.

"One of the happiest days of my life," Dave grinned proudly. "Dad thought God was rewarding me for puttin' my career on hold for them all that time."

"He was," insisted Charlie.

"Maybe," shrugged Dave, "but I wasn't expectin' anything from God for doin' what was right in the first place. Charlie, get back in that seat, and stay there!"

"Okay, okay," she sighed. "I don't know what's gotten into me," she fidgeted. "I can't hold still!"

"Try harder," requested Dave.

Hours later, the sun began to set on the horizon, and Dave checked his watch. "It's six-thirty," he announced with a yawn. When there was no response from the back, Dave turned in his seat and saw that Charlie had fallen asleep.

Just as the sky went black with the onset of night, Dave saw a bright set of headlights cutting through the darkness ahead of them. To his infinite relief, he recognized the pickup truck as belonging to Adam. Dave unlocked his door and went to go greet the truck.

Adam was the first one out, followed by Kevin, and a second bodyguard. "Is she all right?" panted Adam in alarm.

"She's asleep in the back," nodded Dave. "She's hungry, but she's fine."

"Thank God!" prayed Adam, going to the SUV to find his wife. He unlocked a side door and saw Charlie curled up on one of the middle seats between the front and the very back of the vehicle. Adam lifted Charlie into his arms and held her while Kevin talked to Dave.

"Dave?" mumbled Charlie in a sleepy voice.

"It's Adam," her husband whispered. "Charlie, I never should have let you go without Kevin!"

"I'm sorry," apologized Charlie. "It wasn't Dave's fault, so please don't blame him."

"It's myself I blame," breathed Adam, hugging her tightly. "If anything had happened to you, I never would've forgiven myself!"

"I forgot to take your satellite phone instead of mine before we left," Charlie explained. "My battery died when Dave tried to call you for help."

"Adam," Kevin shouted, "I've refilled the gas tank on the SUV, so we can go home!"

With Charlie still safe in his arms, Adam carried his young wife back to the SUV and climbed in beside her in the back. Kevin got behind the wheel, while Dave and the second bodyguard followed in the pickup truck.

"After this," Adam sighed heavily, "I don't feel like getting on a flight to Texas. You scared me, Charlie."

"We're still going, aren't we?" she asked timidly. Charlie leaned her head against Adam's shoulder. "Just think of all those homeless who won't get shelter and a hot meal, if we don't show up as we promised."

"You're using the homeless to make me feel guilty?" chuckled Adam.
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