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"Someone once told me the concert wasn't for us, but for them."

"Promise me not to leave my sight for a very long time," requested Adam, squeezing her hand tightly. "I don't want to go through that again."

Charlie smiled. "Even if that means you have to come with me when I go shopping in Houston?"

"Even that," he softly laughed.

Charlie kissed Adam and whispered "I love you," ever so faintly into his ear. Kevin couldn't hear up front, but when the two remained quiet for the rest of the drive home, the bodyguard correctly guessed they were kissing.

The next morning, Adam woke Charlie bright and early. Through their sliding glass door, she could hear the jet engines already warming up on the runway. Even so, Villa Rosa seemed unusually quiet, for the evening before, Vera, Chuck, and Mrs. Freemont had went to Jerome's house in Twin Yucca. Wally had gone with them, and the large estate seemed unusually empty without the rest of the family.

Charlie hurried to put the last of her things into a small bag for the flight, while Adam brushed his teeth in the master bathroom.

"Did you pack your tuxedo?" Charlie called to him from bedroom.

"Uh-huh," came Adam's response, just before he spit out his toothpaste into the sink. "And my shirts, and my socks."

"Do you have your sheet music?" she asked. "I've got mine tucked away in my purse so I can review it on the jet."

Hearing this, Adam appeared in the bathroom doorway with an amused look on his face. "I've got my music." He dried his mouth with a towel before tossing it aside.

"I've packed my jewelry," Charlie ran through her mental checklist, "and we'll get my dress in Houston. Makeup, stockings, shoes..." Charlie went to her dresser and pulled out some sanitary napkins. "And these, just in case my period starts. My satellite phone is charged, the house is locked up, so I guess that means I'm ready to go."

"Okay," smiled Adam, picking up his suitcase, and carrying one of Charlie's in his other hand. Charlie trailed behind with her second suitcase and a few small bags.

Dave was waiting for them in the living room, munching a handful of cashew nuts to stay calm. His bag was at his feet, and his face was looking a little pale.

"I hope you don't lose your breakfast on the jet," Charlie laughed nervously. "The way my tight stomach is feeling right now, I might follow your example!"

"Do you and Adam have your music?" Dave asked, following the small group out to the revving jet where Kevin and a second bodyguard were already waiting.

The desert sky was still dark as the private aircraft taxied down Villa Rosa's runway. Once they were airborne, Charlie reached above her seat and turned on a small overhead light. She took Adam's sheet music from her purse and laid it on her lap. While Adam watched her in amused silence, Charlie's fingers danced in the air as she practiced her music.

The flight to Houston only took them three hours. As promised, Bill met them at the airfield, and had the necessary transportation ready to take them to their hotel. While Adam's entourage sat in the back of their stretch limousine, Bill debriefed his famous client.
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