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"You've got a good thing going with Wallace Shipley," remarked Hugh, encouragingly. "I appreciate your using him to promote this benefit concert."

That night, Charlie had trouble going to sleep. It was little comfort to her that Adam couldn't sleep, either. He tried to get romantic with her, knowing that it was usually the way she coaxed him out of insomnia, but this time, it didn't work. Charlie was too preoccupied over tomorrow to feel very romantic, and so they retreated to the sofa to watch television.

"I'm sorry I'm not much help to you, tonight," Charlie apologized, as Adam flicked through the channels for something to watch.

"It's all right," he smiled, "you can make it up to me, later."

Charlie was just getting comfortable on the couch, when a television commercial aired for tomorrow's concert. Adam looked uncomfortable when he saw the ad heavily played off the fact that he was going to be there.

"It's not about you," Charlie reminded him, "it's about the people you're helping."

"I feel as though I'm looking at someone's else's life, and not my own," Adam mused.

Tenderly, Charlie took Adam's hand and kissed his fingers. "This is your life," she murmured quietly. Clicking off the television, Charlie took Adam back to the bedroom.

The day of the benefit concert started with Adam and Charlie sleeping in. They didn't need to show up at the arena until after lunch, and Adam decided it would be best for them to get as much rest as possible before the big event. Besides, it gave him more time with Charlie. Adam was in no hurry to rush out of her arms, and he used any legitimate excuse he could find, to remain where he was.

After lunch, Adam gathered their two garment bags, while Charlie picked up a suitcase with the things they would need in the dressing room, and both climbed into the waiting limousine with Dave and the rest of the guys.

"Melvin said this is going to be some of the best publicity you've ever had," Bill told Adam, as their car slowly made its way down the traffic congested streets to the arena. "He said to tell you that he and his family will be watching the show from home, and that he's rooting for both of you."

"From home?" asked Charlie. Then she remembered that the event would be airing live on network television, and remained silent for several minutes.

When their rented limousine arrived at the arena, Hugh greeted the group and took them through the growing crowd waiting to get in for the show to start. It was still early, and they had a while longer to wait before the doors would open to the public.

"I'll take you to your dressing room," said Hugh, leading them down several long corridors, "and I'll send in the hairdresser and makeup artists, when you're ready for them. My assistant will help you find everything you need, but he can reach me anytime you want, so don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. George!" shouted Hugh, as a man walked by them with a heavy bundle of wound cord over his shoulder, "where are you going with that? Marie has been waiting onstage, for the last fifteen minutes! Get that cord to her, before I have to find someone else who will!"

The man apologized, and hurried off.

"If you'll excuse me," Hugh smiled to his guests, "I think I'm needed onstage. Ray, take good care of Mr. Clark and his family," he directed, handing them off to his assistant. Then Hugh excused himself, obviously busy with all the things he had to juggle before the concert began.
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