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"Would any of you like something to eat?" inquired Ray, as everyone filed into the dressing room. "Mrs. Clark, you and your husband can change in the next room while your friends wait here," he explained, as Adam carried their bags into an adjoining room. "I can bring coffee and donuts anytime you want them," he smiled.

"I'll take some of that," nodded Kevin with a grateful smile. The other men joined in, and Ray left for the promised refreshments.

While the guys snacked on donuts, a hairdresser washed and styled Charlie's hair into an elegant twist that pulled her long brown mane off her shoulders. Then a makeup artist worked on Charlie, while another readied Adam.

While Dave and the others watched and waited, Adam practiced on the single piano in their dressing room. Before Charlie changed into her gown and put on her diamond necklace and bracelet, she took her turn at the piano and ran through her half of the duet. Adam was scheduled to play three numbers at the concert, and their duet would be the very last song of the entire show. Hugh was saving the best for last, and hoping to close out the concert with the performance that everyone was waiting to see. When Charlie was satisfied that she hadn't forgotten any of the notes, Adam returned to the piano and simply had a good time playing music, as he usually did when there were no pressing matters on his mind. Charlie was happy to see Adam so relaxed, and only wished she could feel the same.

When Charlie finished getting ready, Adam beheld her with pride. He had been right about the black gown going well with diamonds. The diamond necklace he had given Charlie on her eighteenth birthday, highlighted her lovely face, while the sparkling engagement ring and wedding band on her left hand complimented her slender fingers. Completing this picture of elegance, Charlie's new bracelet daintily hung from her wrist in a very becoming fashion.

"You look beautiful, Charlie-girl," Adam sighed tenderly.

He didn't dare crush her hair with an embrace, but kissed her hand and smiled. Adam was looking very striking, dressed in his designer tuxedo and black dress shoes with white socks.

"White socks?" Charlie suddenly realized. "Adam, you can't go out there in black dress shoes and white socks!"

"The world isn't going to end because I forgot to bring black socks," Adam tried to calm her down.

Charlie hurried into the adjoining room and examined everyone's feet. "Dave, could Adam borrow your socks?" she asked frantically.

"What's the matter?" asked Dave, quickly taking off his shoes. "Did Adam's socks catch on fire, or somethin'?"

"No, they're white!" cried Charlie.

Much to Charlie's dismay, Adam laughed at her anxiety. "Take it easy, Honey! Everything will be all right!" Charlie wasn't easy, however, until he was wearing Dave's black socks.

As starting time grew closer, Bill turned on the television set in the dressing room so they could watch.

"When we're ready for you," explained Ray, "Hugh will make sure you're in place at the right time. We prefer you not to look directly into any of the television cameras, so just try to relax and have fun!"

Charlie smiled grimly. There was that advice to have fun again.

Before the show began, a television crew came to the dressing room and briefly interviewed Adam about the pieces he would be playing. Those clips would be interspersed along with the concert, for the benefit of the viewing audience at home.
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