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Feeling lightheaded, Adam had to steady himself or risk passing out. "Okay," he breathed, as if his fate had just been determined. "God, please help me!" Just then, Adam's eyes fell on the book he had been looking for. "Thanks!" he exclaimed. "Charlie, I have the book!"

"Read it!" she urged, not looking anywhere near as relieved as Adam did.

Struggling to read by the light of the flashlight, Adam found himself wishing the book would hold still in his trembling hands. As he was asking God for more help, the lights suddenly came back on!

"Thank God!" cried Charlie, as Adam tossed aside his flashlight and read in earnest.

"I need to get some things," mumbled Adam, going into the master bathroom just as Kevin and Mark appeared in the bedroom doorway.

"The lights are back on," Mark informed Charlie.

"And Chuck's sleeping like a baby," added Kevin. "Is there anything else we can do?"

"We need some new shoelaces," declared Adam, returning from the bathroom with an armful of supplies. "We also need a pair of sharp scissors."

"Scissors?" asked Kevin.

Adam gulped nervously. "To cut the umbilical cord. Do you know CPR?"

"We both do," affirmed Kevin. "If it's needed, we'll be here."

"As soon as I get the bed ready like it says in the book, I'm calling 911," continued Adam.

"No!" Charlie cried. "I want my doctor!"

"But, it's in the middle of the night," argued Adam, as the two bodyguards hurried away to find the things Adam still needed.

"Call Dr. Ron at his home!" shouted Charlie.

She rarely ever shouted at Adam, and it startled him out of wanting to win the argument. Nervously praying that Dr. Ron would pick up, Adam dialed Charlie's obstetrician. Dr. Ron had been overseeing this pregnancy from the start, and Adam could understand why Charlie wanted to turn to him for the delivery.

A woman answered Adam's call, and tried to hand the receiver to her sleeping husband. "Hon," Adam heard her say, "it's one of your patients."

"Dr. Ron speaking," a groggy man finally answered.

"Charlie's going into labor!" Adam blurted excitedly.

"Charlie?" It took the doctor a moment to fully wake up and realize who he was speaking to. "You mean, Mrs. Clark?"

"The road is washed out, and we can't make it to the hospital!"
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