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This confused Dr. Ron even further. "Are you in your car?"

"No, we're in the bedroom!"

In the kitchen, Kevin pulled out several large trash bags. According to Charlie's book, giving birth involved a lot of bodily fluids, and they would need to line the bed with these bags.

"Shouldn't I get some water boiling?" questioned Mark. "New or not, these shoelaces will need to be sterilized. So will these scissors."

"Do it," nodded Kevin.

By the time the two bodyguards returned to the master bedroom, they found Adam on the phone with Charlie's doctor.

"I need those bags on the bed," instructed Adam, holding a phone in one hand, and the book in the other.

"After Charlie's birthing bed is ready," instructed Dr. Ron, "I need you to examine her cervix. I must know how far along this delivery has already progressed."

Kevin placed blankets over the trash bags and then watched as Adam helped Charlie onto the bed.

When Wally barked excitedly, Dr. Ron's urgent voice sounded over the phone. "Get that animal out of there! We must keep things as sterile as possible!"

Taking Wally by the collar, Mark hurried the dog out of the room.

"Lie back, Charlie," Adam told his wife. "Raise your knees so I can tell Dr. Ron what he needs to know."

Feeling out of place, Kevin discreetly exited before the examination started.

"I can see something!" Adam shouted into the phone. "I think it's the top of the baby's head!"

"Charlie is fully dilated," concluded Dr. Ron, realizing that the baby was coming very fast. "It's time for her to start pushing!"

"Kevin!" shouted Adam.

"Yeah?" Kevin stuck his head into the bedroom and went a little queasy when he saw Adam getting Charlie into the childbirth position.

"I need your help, Kevin! Hold Charlie's leg like this, so her foot can push against your hand!"

Charlie cried in anguish. "I don't think I can do this! Adam, I don't think I can do this!"

"Yes, you can!" he encouraged her.

"Adam!" Charlie strained to keep from pushing. "I need a Bible promise!"

"Now?" cried Adam. "Charlie, the baby is almost here!"

"Please!" she gasped.
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