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Adam could see the terror in Charlie's face, and he frantically searched his memory for a Bible promise.

"What's going on?" shouted Dr. Ron, for the telephone lay on the bed and he couldn't hear anything since everyone had suddenly gone quiet.

Adam looked to Kevin for help, and the bodyguard picked up the satellite phone.

"Adam?" cried Charlie.

"I'm thinking, Honey." Adam patted her knee, and then a passage came to him. "'The LORD recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the LORD God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust.'" It was the best he could do under pressure, and Adam gave his young wife a gentle squeeze. "You need to push, Charlie-girl."

A fresh contraction wrapped itself around Charlie's body and she clenched a nearby pillow.

"Push!" cried Adam, and Charlie pushed with all her might. "Again!" he shouted, while his eyes remained fixed on the small head protruding between her legs. "I can see his head, Honey!"

Charlie screamed in agony.

"The baby's not coming!" Kevin shouted into the telephone.

"Tell Charlie to bring her knees up and push hard!" ordered Dr. Ron.

Charlie grabbed her knees and pushed with the next contraction.

"I see him!" cried Adam in delight. "Just one more push, Charlie!"

Summoning every bit of her remaining strength, Charlie pushed as hard as she could until Adam exclaimed,

"I've got him! Now what?"

Kevin placed the phone to Adam's ear. "Is he choking?" asked Dr. Ron.

"No," answered Adam, examining the small infant carefully, "he's breathing."

"Rub his back until you hear him take several deep breaths," instructed the doctor.

Trying hard not to hurt the fragile looking baby, Adam gently rubbed Matthew's back. "He's breathing," Adam affirmed once more.

"Now place him on your wife's chest," directed Dr. Ron. "Make sure they have skin to skin contact so the baby can keep warm and begin nursing."

By now, Charlie was struggling to see her baby. The men were talking to the doctor over the telephone and she couldn't hear what Dr. Ron was saying.

"Where's Matthew?" cried Charlie. "Is he all right? I want to see Matthew!"

"He's right here," Adam tried to calm her, bringing the tiny infant face to face with his mother for the very first time.

Needing no one to tell her what should be done, Charlie slowly adjusted the top of her nightgown while Kevin took a few steps back to give her privacy.

"Give him to me," she breathed weakly.
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