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"I'm hurrying!" exclaimed Adam. Five minutes later, he returned to his small family in the bathroom.

"Let me take Matthew to his crib, so I can diaper him," Adam told Charlie.

"I want to be there to watch," she protested.

"There'll be plenty of opportunities in the future," chuckled Adam. "Trust me! I've changed and diapered two nephews until they were old enough to use training pants!"

"But, it's Matthew's very first diaper!"

Adam kindly regarded his wife. "I'll put some warm towels on the floor, and you can diaper him right here."

"You'd do that for me?"

"I'd do more than that, if you wanted me to," Adam smiled. "In a few days, you'll be begging me to change his diapers!"

Charlie gently cleaned Matthew's little bottom and showered him with baby powder until Adam coughed that it was enough. Then she let Adam take the baby back to his crib.

"Are you ready to change out of that second nightgown?" laughed Adam, returning to help Charlie from off the floor. "You just can't seem to keep your nightgown from getting dirty!"

"I'd like to see you give birth and do better," Charlie challenged him with a small groan.

After changing, Charlie insisted she felt strong enough to walk under her own power. Half expecting her to fall, Adam nervously watched as his wife wobbled into the master-bedroom and slowly made her way to the bed. When she reached the mattress, she gave Adam a triumphant smile and then quickly had to lie down before her strength gave out.

With a sigh of relief, Adam sat down on the edge of their mattress and noticed light coming from the curtained glass door. "It's going to be nice day outside," he remarked with a sleepy yawn.

"You need some rest," observed Charlie.

Adam shrugged off his wife's concern. "I've got to find someone to fly in a helicopter, so you and Matthew can see a doctor."

"You'd better call Shirley and tell her that she's an aunt," yawned Charlie. "And Grandma will want to know, and could you tell Maggie, as well?"

"Notifying our relatives!" exclaimed Adam in self reproach. "With all this going on, I'd completely forgotten!"

"Would you carry Matthew to me?" mumbled Charlie, as her eyes closed for some rest. "I want him with me."

After returning the infant to his mother, Adam quietly left the master bedroom.

"Did you see the rainbow over the desert this morning?" Kevin smiled to Adam, as he walked into the living room and searched a pile of magazines for the telephone book. "The road is still flooded, but the water has gone down enough that I think you could cross it in the SUV."
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