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"What are you doing?" cried Adam.

"I'm trying to get to the closet so I can get dressed," Charlie sighed. "I guess I'm not as strong as I thought I was."

"Hold on, I'm coming," said Adam.

"Have you called Grandma and Shirley yet?"

"Not yet," sighed Adam, walking to the closet and opening the doors so Charlie could see from the bed.

"Grandma will understand, but Shirley won't," warned Charlie. "I'll take the blue skirt and the white top."

Adam pulled out two hangers and brought the clothing to his wife.

"Have you slept since I woke you up last night?" wondered Charlie, for the dark circles under Adam's eyes made him look very tired.

"I dozed for an hour on the living room sofa," he assured her, "but thanks for the concern. I'll go make those calls now." He was about to leave, when he noticed Charlie struggling to get into her clothes. "Let me help you with that," he smiled understandingly.

Adam had just finished buttoning Charlie's blouse when their bedroom door unexpectedly opened!

"Chuck!" cried Adam in surprise. "You're awake!" He wanted to add, "And in our bedroom!" but held his tongue. In his tiredness, he hadn't remembered to lock the door, as they always had in the past when when they didn't want Chuck barging in on them.

"Hi, Daddy!" Charlie smiled to her father.

"Are you babysitting?" frowned Chuck, spotting the nearby crib.

Charlie excitedly tugged at Adam's sleeve. "Show him Matthew!"

"We're not babysitting," grinned Adam, going to the crib. "Chuck, I want you to meet your grandson, Matthew Charlton Clark."

"Grandson?" repeated Chuck in wonderment. He took a cautious step toward the bundle in Adam's arms, as though not willing to trust his ears. "Who's the father?" he asked, his voice laced with concern.

Adam patiently pointed to the wedding frame near the bed.

"Oh, I forgot," breathed Chuck in relief. "Sorry."

"I understand," Adam smiled. "Would you like to hold your grandson?"

As much as she loved her father, Charlie wasn't sure she wanted him holding her newborn son. Matthew was so small, and her motherly instincts were very strong.

"I won't let anything happen," Adam assured his nervous wife.

"Be careful," Charlie pleaded with the men.

Chuck grinned. "I've held babies before." Adam placed Matthew into Chuck's arms, and Chuck gazed at Matthew in amazement. "I remember when you were were this tiny, Charlie."
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