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"And how do you like your new school?" pursued Mrs. Jacobs.

"It's all right, I guess," replied Charlie, trying to be as vague as possible.

"Oh!" exclaimed Vera. "It completely slipped my mind! You start school next Monday, don't you?"

"So?" shrugged Charlie, who couldn't understand why her grandma was suddenly getting so excited.

"School clothes, child," explained Mrs. Jacobs.

"What's Jerome going to say!" repeated Vera. "I've already spent more than I dare!"

"Now, Vera," said Mrs. Jacobs, "calm yourself. You are one of my best friends, and you know I will do anything I possibly can for those less fortunate than myself. My sister in Topeka has been collecting clothing for charity. I'm sure we can find something for Charlie. I'll phone her just as soon as we get home, that's what I'll do. There, there, Vera, everything will work out, you just see!"

"Thank you, Gloria," replied Vera, accepting a hug from Mrs. Jacobs.

"It's really no trouble. She was planning to give it to charity, anyway. Now, why don't we have lunch? I know this darling little place..."

It was dusk when the trio arrived back in Twin Yucca. While Charlie went to retrieve her father in Mullen-Overholt, Mrs. Jacobs made Vera promise to bring the family, (including Jerome, if he wasn't busy), over for dinner, that evening. Vera declined, saying dinner would be too great an imposition; she had already done them a great service. However, Mrs. Jacobs would hear none of it.

As Mrs. Jacobs pulled up in front of the Overholt house, Charlie and her father learned that they had been invited over to dinner at her house across the street.

"Chuck, I hope you're feeling well enough to come," said Mrs. Jacobs. "I've spent the entire day with your beautiful daughter, and am looking forward to your company, as well."

"Thank you," replied Chuck, getting out of the car with Vera and Charlie. "I'm sure I can make it."

Once inside, Vera immediately fell upon the task of unpacking Chuck's new clothes from the shopping bags, careful to remove every tag and label before it went into the wash. Charlie wanted to go take a shower and cleanse away the day, but now seemed like the perfect time to have that talk with her father. He was in good mental condition, and even smiling-- something Charlie hadn't seen him do all day.

"Daddy? I have something to tell you," asked Charlie, as Chuck sat down on the living room sofa to hear what his daughter was going to say.

"Don't take too long, you two," shouted Vera from across the house. "Gloria is expecting us at seven!"

"Okay, Mom!" Chuck called back. "Now, what is it you wanted to tell me, Sweetheart?"

When Charlie told him of her good news, Chuck's eyes widened with surprise.

"How-- when did this happen?" stammered Chuck, the questions coming quicker than he had time to put them into words.

"It was Adam, Daddy," replied Charlie. She went into detail the night she accepted Christ into her life. She told him of how Adam had prayed for her salvation; she related the lesson of the Chaparral Yucca and its moth; there wasn't anything Charlie left out.

Chuck listened, astounded that this good news was actually true. Although he had been praying and hoping, he hadn't expected it this soon. Secretly, he thought it a sign from God that he didn't have much time left before the Alzheimer's Disease would take away his mind. Somehow, miraculously, God had reached his little girl-- and while he could still praise Him for doing it! To Chuck, this was the most important thing he had to resolve before his illness progressed much further. Charlie's salvation was the best news he could have had. For a few minutes, all he could say was, "Thank you, Jesus!" His eyes filled with tears as he hugged his daughter.

"Daddy," said Charlie, her face beaming with joy, "it was truly the happiest night of my life!"

Mike and Sandra ate dinner at a tiny Italian restaurant in Yucca Valley, while Adam and Constance opted for Jalbert's, one of the more upscale restaurants in Palm Desert. At Jalbert's you could only get a table if you had made a reservation at least three days in advance.
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