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Charlie left school the same way she came, not answering questions, but smiling politely to the media, and going straight home. For the next few days, reporters and photographers hovered around the Overholt home. At last, seeing that she wasn't going to suddenly do anything newsworthy, they quietly left-- much to the relief of Charlie and Vera.

These days, Maggie's welcome visits were tempered by sadness, for her father had remained steadfast in his opinion of Jeff, even to the extent of banning him from talking to her on the telephone. Charlie prayed that this storm would quickly blow over.

Time passed, and it was now Friday, the last day of school before Thanksgiving week, when Charlie and her classmates would have an entire nine days, (counting weekends), free from school. It was a time of great excitement in the Overholt household, for Adam was to fly in and spend the whole week in Twin Yucca. It was to be the first time Adam and Charlie would be together as an engaged couple, and Charlie was more than a little nervous.

Now that the Overholts were going to be related to the Garner family, Shirley invited her future sister-in-law, along with Vera, Jerome, and even Chuck, to Thanksgiving dinner. This was the first real effort Shirley had made to include Charlie in the family. The invitation to the Garner house was an occasion that Charlie looked forward to with apprehension. However, she consoled herself that at least Adam would be with her to face his family.

When Charlie arrived home after school that Friday, she tore her closet apart trying to find the right outfit to go meet Adam at the airport in.

"But," protested Maggie, "it's not until Monday. Don't you think this could wait?" she asked.

"I'm so nervous!" said Charlie. "I'm not going to know how to act!"

"You've been around Adam, before," pointed out Maggie, picking up some of the clothing that Charlie had dropped onto the floor.

"But, never as my fiancé," replied Charlie. "Oh, just wait until you're engaged, and we'll just see how calm you are!" she laughed.

"I'm never getting married," said Maggie, sadly.

"Of course you are," encouraged Charlie, momentarily forgetting her own anxiety. "You and Jeff are perfect for each other. Just wait, God will find a way."

Maggie smiled weakly.

"So, you're going to have Thanksgiving with Shirley and her family, this year?" asked Maggie, feeling a little left out.

"Yes," replied Charlie, "but the day after, let's have a celebration of our very own! We could have a small meal, with a few favorite Thanksgiving dishes! I'll have to ask Grandma first, but I think she'll approve. What do you think?"

"That sounds wonderful," smiled Maggie. "I could help make the turkey, like I did last year," she volunteered.

Charlie grimly remembered the chaos that last year's Thanksgiving dinner had occasioned. For Maggie's sake, however, she was willing to endure it again.

That evening, as Charlie and Maggie were passing through the living room on their way to the kitchen for a snack, they overheard a news clip teaser on the television, to entice people to watch the news after the airing program. It said,

"What famous pianist is pricing engagement rings? Find out at news at eleven!"

Maggie and Charlie looked at each other and began screaming excitedly.

"I'm going to have to stay up and hear this!" laughed Charlie.

"Oh, me too!" exclaimed Maggie. "Although, I have to be home at ten."

"Why don't you call your parents, and ask if you can sleep over?" suggested Charlie. "You could double with me in my room. And since tomorrow's Saturday, we could sleep in a little!"

Maggie rushed to the telephone and called home, while Charlie went to the kitchen and made popcorn.
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