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"Happiness is easy when you're having a good time in bed," explained Maggie, "but I really know Jeff loves me, when he still gives me a kiss and his dinner is spoiled."

"I think I see what you're getting at," smiled Charlie. "I've had times like that with Adam. I haven't burned his dinner yet, but I know his being with me comes at a cost. He would've had an easier life, if he hadn't married me."

"I often think the same about Jeff," admitted Maggie. "But when Jeff comes home from a hard day of work, he tells me that I do him a world of good."

"I'm sure you do," Charlie smiled warmly.

"I really love him," Maggie's voice filled with tenderness. As she said this, the bedroom door cracked open and a girl's face timidly peered inside. Debbie looked as though she wanted to join them, so Maggie patted the bedspread and a happy Debbie jumped on the mattress. "Why aren't you playing with Chad and Becky?" wondered Maggie, as Debbie snuggled against her and rested her head in Maggie's lap.

"I don't know," the girl shrugged. "Chad's sweet on Becky."

"Why do you say that?" laughed Charlie.

"Because," said Debbie, "they were kissing and stuff."

Hesitantly, Charlie looked to Maggie for help.

"When were they kissing?" asked Maggie, trying to verify Debbie's information.

"Just now," replied Debbie, "out by the well."

With a concerned face, Charlie got up from the bed and went into the living room where Adam, Mike, Kevin, and Jeff were talking and watching television. Chuck slept in his easy chair nearby, while Shirley was in the kitchen with Vera and Sandra. When Adam saw Charlie, he excused himself and went to her.

"What's wrong?" he inquired.

"Debbie just told me that Chad and Becky are outside 'kissing and stuff,'" Charlie explained in a barely audible whisper.

At this, Adam raised his eyebrows. "Are you sure?"

"That's what she told me and Maggie."

"I guess I'd better go see what's going on," sighed Adam. "Don't mention this to Shirley. Debbie was probably mistaken, and I'd hate to embarrass Chad for nothing."

Uneasily, Adam stepped outside and tried to see through the darkness of the night. Surely, Debbie had been wrong. She had to be. Chad would never do anything like that.

Except for the chirp of crickets, everything was quiet and still. Adam put his hands to his mouth to call out for Chad and Becky, but he caught himself. If they were doing what Debbie had said they were, Adam wanted to know for himself what had happened. And he didn't want to give either of them a chance to lie about it. Adam silently reproved himself. Chad wasn't like that, and didn't deserve his distrust. But the night was terribly quiet, and an uneasy feeling crept over Adam.

A small moon shone in the sky overhead, painting the desert with a very pale shade of silver. It took a moment for Adam's eyes to adjust, but when he did, he managed to quietly find his way to the well. He was about to round the corner of a nearby shed, when Adam heard Becky's quiet voice. He paused.
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